What Makes Summit77 Different?

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    At Summit77 the old saying is very much alive and true - we put people over profits. We do this by surrounding you with a system of support and team-work.

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    Summit77 is more than a company - we're a family. We are 100 percent family owned and hold ourselves fully accountable to you - the Independent Business Owner.

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    Summit 77 was founded with a unique concept to build a culture of successful home business owners that are treated with respect and rewarded for their hard work.

Our Leadership Team

Flynn McCarthy

Flynn McCarthy is a seasoned professional with over 25 years experience in Executive and Managerial facets in both the Hospitality and Sales/Marketing industries. Flynn grew up in the Midwest and learned the value of a great work ethic, honesty and integrity from a very early age.

He has incorporated these core beliefs in his professional endeavors and has been very successful. In 2009, Flynn entered the direct sales field and has compiled a team of over 8000 members in 50 Countries. Flynn has had great success in the Network Marketing Industry to date and is co-founder of Summit77.

He enjoys this business tremendously, especially the people he meets from around the world every day. Flynn is a musician during his off time; he also enjoys boating, golf and spending time with his wife and four children. He works hard but also believes it is important to balance work with family time.

Ricardo Angulo
Vice President and
Master Distributer for Spanish/Portuguese Language

Ricardo has more than 28 years of experience in restaurant chain management in New York. 10 years ago he started working in network marketing with great success.

Ricardo was born in Venezuela and currently lives in Brooklyn New York. Over the years he has learned that teamwork, honesty, integrity and professional ethics is the key to his success.

Ricardo has built a team of more than 9,000 associates in over 80 countries while maintaining harmony and enthusiasm. He enjoys meeting new people and helping them achieve their short and long term goals and dreams.

He loves to travel and meet new people, learning something new from every person he encounters along his journey.

Ricardo loves spending time with his wife and daughters; he loves the good life, and truly believes that we all deserve to live the good life.

Ricardo Angulo con más de 28 años de experiencia en gerencias de cadenas Alimenticias en la ciudad de New York. 10 trabajando en mercadeo en redes con gran exito.

Ricardo nacio en Venezuela y actualmente vive en New York, atraves de los anos el a aprendido que el trabajo en equipo y la honestidad, integridad y la etica profesional es la clave para el exito de todos.

Ricardo ha logrado tener más de 9.000 asociados en más de 80 países manteniendo un ritmo de trabajo con armonía y entusiasmo, el disfruta de conocer nuevas personas y de trabajar con personas con grandes suenos y metas teniendo los mejores resultados a pequeno, mediano y largo plazo.

Le encanta viajar y conocer nuevas persona aprendiendo cosas maravillosas que podemos aprender toda persona tiene algo muy expecial que todos podemos aprender y hacerlo realidad.

le encanta compartir tiempo con su esposa y sus hijas y tambien le encanta de la buena vida.

Ricardo cree que todos nos merecemos tener una buena vida.

The Corporate Mission And Values

Our Corporate Mission

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    To have the best products including english as a second language, internet earnings education, marketing systems, and computer storage software.

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    Put the majority of profits made back into the hands of our Independent Business Owners giving them a high quality of life and incredible income for families worldwide.

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    Develop a culture that rewards integrity and creativity towards making Summit77 the number 1 home based business in the world.

Corporate Values

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    To manage and maintain at all times the most appropriate ethical standards that will provide stability for our business, our IBO's and their families

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    Hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards related to finances and commissions by using optimum processes that will protect our IBO's from misuse

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    Develop a core staff team who will commit to providing superior quality customer service, products and a friendly environment to manage a home business